Sam "Always smile to hide the hate" Taylor, is a Geometry and Humanities teacher well known for his Golden Rod. His majestic beard has the power to drop the panties of every woman in the same room as him, much to the dismay of his wife. He is the only pure soul known to exist at Scattergood, and is married to Alicia Taylor.

Famous Quotes Edit

  • "Old people homes are hot beds of hook up culture."
  • "Basically I've kissed a lot of dudes, I don't really remember them"
  • "Sam is a furry confirmed
  • "What's dog food lid' backwards" -Person, "Dildoof God!" -Sam.
  • "Sam is a furry confirmed." -Josh "Yep." -Sam
  • "I guess the beginning of the word rectangle does sound like the beginning of the word rectum."