When Irving was in his twenties, he entered the popular game show, 'Hell's Kitchen: Cosmic Wow Edition'. This was a cooking contest show specifically for Cosmic Wow, it brought the best makers of it from across the world to the show, Irving being among them. Unfortunately, his arch nemesis Guy Fieri was also among the contestants in the show, and in the final face off against Guy Irv accidentally added in 30 cups of salt, and lost the contest. After this, Irving went into a deep depression as he watched Guy continue to rise in the break neck food channel industry. He became a nomad, searching the world for spiritual enlightenment that would save him from the demons of his defeat. As he was wandering among the cornfields of Iowa, he came across Scattergood, a quaint little school that seemed to offer him exactly what he needed. The community took him in, and he eventually rose to the prestigious title of head chef, but he finally learned not to care about the title, but to care about the people around you. Irving still makes Cosmic Wow to this day, but every time he does, he still feels the pain of what might have been.