Hans is an instructor at Scattergood, but he is better known for his part in the Bear Crusades of 1309, where he lead the armies against Rome. He was also present at the signing of the treaty of Versailles, and is reported to have been amongst those who assassinated Julius Caesar. Neihus was born in a small cave in the woods, and was raised by the bears that he later lead. As a fairy, he has magical powers such as flight, but most prominently control over animals (particularly the family Ursidae). The character "Ben-Hur" was based on Neihus. He is reported to have had a guiding hand in the creation of the video "dragon" on the youtube channel "homestarrunnerdotcom". He was the star of the youtube video "What Not To Wear (Scattergood Edition)", which accurately portrays Hans' day to day life as a crew leader and red bandanna aficionado.